The Settings command in the System menu opens a tabbed dialog box with settings. The System menu is in the top right corner of the screen.


You can set the categories for all feeds, or the categories that are displayed on your news page, and the categories for your news product.

The categories are just text strings, entirely up to you, separated by commas. Blanks are ignored.

News products

The settings on this page are explained in the docs for News products.


The Link panel makes it possible to set the URL of the app you use for linkblogging.

When you click the RT icon below each item in a timeline, it opens the Feed editor page, with the title, link and description filled in the edit box.

If you use a different tool for linkblogging you can enter its URL in this panel. Any software used for that will hopefully tell you how to set this up.


FeedLand maintains an outgoing feed for every user. This tab in the Settings dialog lets you change the title and description on the feed.


This panel allows you to change some random settings.

* Show news items in a small box at the top of the screen. If checked, you will get a box, above the Feed List page, through which news scrolls, one story at a time, in realtime. Default is unchecked. Screen shot.

* Enable 'Load New Posts' button. It this is checked, FeedLand will display a Load New Posts button when a new post is available. You will only be notified about new posts from feeds you're subscribed to. And it's possible if you're looking at a news page that doesn't include the feed, that you won't see anything when you click the Load New Posts button. This was a feature that didn't live up to its potential, imho -- but I left it in because some people like it. ;-)